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The Heights Development in Strathpeffer

The Glasgow House project is a unique partnership between City Building, Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) and PRP Architects to deliver sustainable, energy-efficient homes that will reduce Glasgow’s carbon footprint and its impact on the environment.

City Building have constructed 4 semi-detached 'eco' showhouses within the grounds of its new Skills Academy Centre. The prototype houses feature high standards of insulation, coupled with low energy running costs and simple technology.

The aim is for heating and hot water bills of just £100 per year, compared to £1,100 per year for a typical 3-bedroom home

The construction phase provided practical training in both general and environmental construction techniques and processes to the students of the Skills Academy. The houses are purely for constructional education and will not be occupied at any time in their anticipated five year life span.

Once the houses are fully tested, it is planned that more will be built for Glasgow Housing Association tenants. The Glasgow House project aims to adopt an innovative use of space and light to create attractive, affordable homes.

BRS delivered air leakage testing and thermal imaging for the client to demonstrate the quality of the construction materials and techniques and their impact on energy consumption within the houses.

Architect: PRP Architects
Client: Glasgow City Council