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Architect's plans with houseBuilding Regulations Services Ltd provides calculations to determine the Target Emission Rate (TER) and Dwelling emission rate (DER) for a dwelling, this involves the full utilisation of the SAP calculation method, which is covered in Part L of the building regulations in England & Wales and Section 6 in Scotland.

SAP calculations and compliancy involves a number of important design decisions. As such it is key for the architect, developer or surveyor to undertake a compliancy assessment at an advanced stage in order to meet the current regulation requirements.

We are registered assessors, as part of our package to you we provide full U value and condensation risk analysis calculations using BRE software, we are highly experienced in providing thermal insulation solutions to comply with current building regulations.

Drawings can be received by e- mail in a number of formats or alternatively by post.

Summary of SAP rating and carbon emissions

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Frequently asked questions

What is SAP?

SAP is the government's approved methodology for calculating the energy performance of buildings. It is used to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations Part L requirements and to produce Energy Performance Certificates for new buildings.

The score is based on factors such as insulation, air tightness, heating systems, ventilation and lighting. Renewable technologies such as solar power are also taken into account.

How can I submit my drawings?

You can submit your drawings by email to raymond@brsuk.co.uk. We'll shortly be implementing an online submission service where you'll be able to login on our website and upload drawings directly...watch this space!

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