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Energy Efficiency

Home thermal imaging Approved

An interesting project is underway in Boston, USA. A plan has been approved to bring a thermal-imaging service to town to identify homes that could use an energy-efficiency upgrade.

Working with the town’s Energy Committee, a Woburn-based company, Sagewell, will use mass infrared imaging devices to evaluate homes for heat loss. The program will start once temperatures outside are consistently 20 degrees below typical indoor temperatures.

If a house is seen as shedding heat, based on colors shown in the thermal scan, Sagewell will notify the property’s owner, and provide the name of a state-certified contractor. Homeowners will be able to view their property’s thermal images, as well as notify Sagewell that they do not want to be included in the program, on the company’s website, www.sagewell. Selectman Osler Peterson acknowledged the program’s commercial angle: “It is actually a marketing opportunity for Sagewell, but one which sufficiently benefits town residents that the selectmen thought it made sense to proceed.’’

If you think your property (residential or commercial) would benefit from a thermal scan then why not get in contact with us.

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